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Hi, and welcome to the first episode of the PB&J Buffet! PB&J stands for Peace, Blessings, and Joy! Your hosts for this show are Leah Moon and Neffie White Medium Star, two 5D stellar beings currently living four minutes away from each other in Philadelphia, PA.

What is this podcast about? This podcast is about everything that has inspired, informed, nurtured, and entertained us during our dimensional learning while here on Planet Earth. We are so happy to share the methods, lessons, and magic we’ve experienced while traveling through different realms.

Reiki, crystals, angels, herbalism, bodywork, yoga — cups overflowing with love. It’s all happening!

We’re here to learn how to love more and how to receive love more. This is the foundation of many practices and when it’s shared, it spreads JOY!

Something mentioned in this intro episode: We forget in order to remember better, according to the “Course” (A CourseĀ In Miracles — we reference this often).

We talk about starting out on a spiritual path with past selves, spiritual buffets, seekers, and seers. It’s normal to share this and we made a podcast to get the conversation flowing and going.

The Gabby that’s referred to in this episode is Gabby Bernstein, and the quote she mentioned was by Robert Holden: “Joy doesn’t come and go, it’s merely my perception of how much I’m willing to see.”


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