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Get grounded and tune in. We’re not supposed to be anywhere else but right here. This goes for you, too!

We recorded this podcast while journeying through time-space dimensions during our made-up lunch hour, at 11pm. 


Topics Discussed:

– What “Guides” are, and how to connect with them

– Signs, Symbols, + Synchronicities

– Being tapped in, tuned in, and turned on

– The different types of Guides; the difference between Angels and Guides

– Internal GPS as a way of navigating throughout the world

g-o-d definitions, taking what works and leaving the rest

– How the company you keep matters

– What you appreciate, appreciates!

– Knowing when to invite help in


Specific Tools Offered:

– How to complete Automatic Writing

– Books that have helped (Sonia Choquette, Ask Your Guides; Rob Bresny Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia) 

– What a Truth Burp is

– How to channel your guides/receive guidance through tuning in

– Kindly Remember: If you’re listening to this, your Guides are definitely talking to you!

– Surrender into your practices & your nice life. Then, subscribe to our podcast 🙂 



Leah Moon + Neffie White Medium Star 


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