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Hi, in this episode we discuss the following related to morning routines:

– How to be intentional about all our practices, specifically starting (+maintaining) morning routines

– How having a morning routine can be based on what brings you J O Y

– Remembering that we can invite our guides in to help us get into a routine + set good vibes for the day

– Remembering that the question “What am I actually doing today?” is all that actually exists

– How to get back into a routine after falling out of one

Here’s a free morning routine PDF download from Leah Moon!


Teachers / Methods we mention:

– SAVERS miracle morning

Leah Moon’s dream journal blog

– Abraham-Hicks

– Eckert Tolle

– Ram Das

– Mark Nepo

– Michael Bernard Beckwith

– A Course In Miracles Daily Lessons

– Marianne Williamson

– Kabbalah

– Petra Rose

This episode was recorded in May 2017, when life was very different for both Neff + Leah. Thank God life has shifted into more pleasurable ways that include softer mornings and easier exercise.

We love you and love sharing this with you! We also love hearing from you and would love to know what your morning routine is like! Connect with us here.


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