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003 – Feeling Weird / What are Dimensions / ETC ETC ETC

Hello Gaias,

When we set out to record this episode, we were in the worst, most cranky moods. What happened next was most unexpected. We decided to record a podcast episode about how to take care of yourself while feeling bad, we hit the record button, and then both burst into laughter that turned into tears. Wow. A miracle! Literally, shifts in perspective.

What ensued is a conversation sort of answering the question “What are dimensions?” as well as inner child work, info on the Aquarian and Piscean ages, and about 100 other topics all packed into 28 minutess where we almost couldn’t stop laughing, but finally did, only to begin again, crying.

Moral of the story: It’s okay not to feel okay. It’s okay to feel one way one minute and another way the next minute. There are a zillion things to learn, and we’re all living in our own worlds.

Lots of love,

Neffie White Medium Star & Leah Moon


Mentions + Links

lime relish / lime pickles

Rob Brezny’s book – Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings

Lyneah Marks

Erykah Badu Rates Aliens, Period Tracker Apps, and Porky Pig

VIDEO we made: your spiritual practice can be to play like you were when you were a kid

inner child work, thanks Sophia Wise One

Abraham-Hicks say, reach for the better feeling thought & relief is the cure

What is “Practice” ? also: practice makes practiced

Danielle LaPorte and The Desire Map

Mike Dooley and the “cursed hows”

That book, The Power of Kabbalah, that took Leah Moon 4 years to read even though it is v straightforward and user friendly

Heart Entrainment . . . more on this soon . . .


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002 – We All Have A Morning Routine, Whether It’s Intentional Or Not

Hi, in this episode we discuss the following related to morning routines:

– How to be intentional about all our practices, specifically starting (+maintaining) morning routines

– How having a morning routine can be based on what brings you J O Y

– Remembering that we can invite our guides in to help us get into a routine + set good vibes for the day

– Remembering that the question “What am I actually doing today?” is all that actually exists

– How to get back into a routine after falling out of one

Here’s a free morning routine PDF download from Leah Moon!


Teachers / Methods we mention:

– SAVERS miracle morning

Leah Moon’s dream journal blog

– Abraham-Hicks

– Eckert Tolle

– Ram Das

– Mark Nepo

– Michael Bernard Beckwith

– A Course In Miracles Daily Lessons

– Marianne Williamson

– Kabbalah

– Petra Rose

This episode was recorded in May 2017, when life was very different for both Neff + Leah. Thank God life has shifted into more pleasurable ways that include softer mornings and easier exercise.

We love you and love sharing this with you! We also love hearing from you and would love to know what your morning routine is like! Connect with us here.


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001 – Spiritual Guides: Cosmic Chaperones & Earth School Escorts

Get grounded and tune in. We’re not supposed to be anywhere else but right here. This goes for you, too!

We recorded this podcast while journeying through time-space dimensions during our made-up lunch hour, at 11pm. 


Topics Discussed:

– What “Guides” are, and how to connect with them

– Signs, Symbols, + Synchronicities

– Being tapped in, tuned in, and turned on

– The different types of Guides; the difference between Angels and Guides

– Internal GPS as a way of navigating throughout the world

g-o-d definitions, taking what works and leaving the rest

– How the company you keep matters

– What you appreciate, appreciates!

– Knowing when to invite help in


Specific Tools Offered:

– How to complete Automatic Writing

– Books that have helped (Sonia Choquette, Ask Your Guides; Rob Bresny Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia) 

– What a Truth Burp is

– How to channel your guides/receive guidance through tuning in

– Kindly Remember: If you’re listening to this, your Guides are definitely talking to you!

– Surrender into your practices & your nice life. Then, subscribe to our podcast 🙂 



Leah Moon + Neffie White Medium Star 


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000 – Introducing your 5D stellar being hosts: Neffie White Medium Star & Leah Moon

Hi, and welcome to the first episode of the PB&J Buffet! PB&J stands for Peace, Blessings, and Joy! Your hosts for this show are Leah Moon and Neffie White Medium Star, two 5D stellar beings currently living four minutes away from each other in Philadelphia, PA.

What is this podcast about? This podcast is about everything that has inspired, informed, nurtured, and entertained us during our dimensional learning while here on Planet Earth. We are so happy to share the methods, lessons, and magic we’ve experienced while traveling through different realms.

Reiki, crystals, angels, herbalism, bodywork, yoga — cups overflowing with love. It’s all happening!

We’re here to learn how to love more and how to receive love more. This is the foundation of many practices and when it’s shared, it spreads JOY!

Something mentioned in this intro episode: We forget in order to remember better, according to the “Course” (A Course In Miracles — we reference this often).

We talk about starting out on a spiritual path with past selves, spiritual buffets, seekers, and seers. It’s normal to share this and we made a podcast to get the conversation flowing and going.

The Gabby that’s referred to in this episode is Gabby Bernstein, and the quote she mentioned was by Robert Holden: “Joy doesn’t come and go, it’s merely my perception of how much I’m willing to see.”


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This practical magic podcast shares spiritual lessons, methods, and miracles that Leah Moon and Neffie White Medium Star have experienced while here on planet Earth. Hi!

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